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 Doing what I can in my own small way to maybe make a difference for a few 

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About Holly


 I am a self employed artisan doing what I can thru my own artistry to help fund this small 21 acre sanctuary here in West Tennessee. I work alone, in the studio & with the horses themselves. It is totally self funded at this time, although 2018 brought on the need for fundraising for hay. We have been blessed with folks who have continued to donate on the horses behalf. Thank you!

The Sanctuary


What started out as a simple adoption of a rescued senior mustang mare, turned into a love affair with senior horses & mustangs in general. I became aware of the need for soft landings for PTSD challenged mustangs, and I just kind of fell into it, and 4 years later here I am dedicating my life to these beautiful creatures.



Heart of the Wild Sanctuary's focus efforts are for the less adoptable equines. The aged, permanently debilitated, or otherwise. A soft landing place for the broken. 

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